ODI Bristol Community is kickstarted with South West Data meetup group

ODI Node Mark

Here in Bristol we have a great community of people already interested and engaged in all things data and tech. Last night we got 50 of them in a room and pitched that they become the beginnings of our ODI Bristol Community. Following interesting and relevant presentations from (amongst others) ODI HQ as well as our friends at ODI Devon, and then some equally interesting and relevant questions from the floor, it was agreed that, yes, the group will become our ODI Bristol Community!

We are really happy and now have to start following through on our plans as well as all sorts of interesting and inspiring suggestions that have already come from the group. Exciting times ahead!

From now on, all ODI Bristol events will be publicised via the South West Data Meetup group, (as well as on these pages too). We aren’t yet active with our own handle on Twitter, but will be sure to tag all related stuff #ODIBristol.


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