About ODI Bristol

ODI Bristol joined the global network of ODI Nodes in the summer of 2015. The Bristol Node is run through a partnership between Bristol Is Open and the City Innovation Team at Bristol City Council.

ODI Bristol works to unlock value for the citizens of Bristol, as well as businesses and the council itself, by opening and sharing Bristol’s data. By doing this we will address city challenges, promote innovation and make the city more open and accountable.

There are ODI Nodes all over the world, and we work closely with them and ODI HQ, to share learning, innovations and inspiration. As a Community Node, our main focus is to continue to build and support an open data ecosystem for the City of Bristol.

The ODI Bristol Community ‘Organising’ group meets up monthly to hatch plans for events and activities that support and nurture the Open Data ecosystem in Bristol. You can find out about our next meeting here.

Become a member of ODI Bristol to connect and collaborate, boost your skills, get inspired, and to play your part in helping to promote a global, sustainable open data culture.